Will Voting by Mail for the 2020 Election Happen?

Will Voting by Mail for the 2020 Election Happen?

It’s now been over two months since the entire world has been turned upside down due to the global pandemic caused by the Coronavirus. Politicians are playing a huge role with our government as we continue to navigate our new normal. With safety being everyone’s top concern, many are starting to wonder, will voting by mail happen this November for the 2020 election?

Vote at the Poll or Vote by Mail?

We are facing unprecedented times and so many Americans are still scared to go out in public, let alone vote. But it doesn’t have to come to that if proper precautions are put in place for the safety of the community. It is a privilege that we live in a democracy to choose and vote for our elected officials. Many are concerned that if we vote by mail it could get lost, mishandled, or most importantly, voter fraud. Plus there is nothing like voting in person and earning that sticker. However, many states realize that vote-by-mail, if implemented properly, can be both eligible and secure. States like Colorado, Hawaii, Oregon, Utah and Washington, vote almost entirely by mail-in ballots. In fact, earlier this month California asked its voters to vote by mail in November citing public health concerns due to the Covid-19 virus. This makes California the first state to shift entirely to mail-in voting as a result of the pandemic.

Is there an Advantage to Vote by Mail?

Democrats are more likely to support voting by mail over the Republican party. But there is no evidence that it will favor either party come election time. President Trump has shown concerns and calls voting by mail “corrupt”. There have been numerous studies to determine if this option will give one party an advantage over the other and many have arrived at the same conclusion, voting by mail doesn’t provide any clear partisan advantage.

The answer to voting solely by mail is still unknown at this time. In the end it all comes down to the American people to get out the vote, either in person or by mail. At Image Cube, we have partnered with government officials through direct mail to help raise awareness about the issues so Americans can be informed. If you’re looking for ways to promote your business through the power of direct mail, connect with our team of experts to get started today! Please don’t forget to vote because every vote does matter!