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Target your Market

Reaching the right person at the right time using a message that resonates with them is the height of effective marketing. Image Cube’s direct mail services can achieve exactly that for your business. Let us help strategize your mail campaign, manage your mailing list, print addresses, get you the best postage rates, presort and deliver your mailings to the post office. We even certify all mail through the National Change of Address (NCOA) service in order to minimize undeliverable and duplicate mail pieces. In addition, our targeting features allow you to filter by demographics, adding further precision to your mailings.

Political Mailing

Voters rank direct mail as the most credible form of political advertising, according to a 2017 USPS study. Winning a political campaign requires identifying your audience and reaching them with a message they care about, so don’t miss the opportunity to literally put one in their hands. Image Cube has political mailing experts on our team who will help you win your next campaign.

Union Political Mail Services
Direct Mail 2.0

Direct Mail 2.0

Real-Time Tracking and Google Ads

Image Cube uses the power of digital tools like Google Ads to upgrade your traditional direct mail marketing with live tracking of mail and online responses, automatic follow-up to online leads, and recording of phone responses. Let our team help you achieve maximum return on your marketing investment by converting leads and increasing your sales with these advanced techniques.

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