Popular Printing to Get Ready for Back to School

School Printing

Just as quickly as summer came, before we know it…it’s gone. Teachers and schools are beginning to prepare for back to school season as most of the nation will finally bring the kids back to the classroom after COVID. While teachers prepare to get their classrooms ready with supplies like papers and pencils, school administrators need to prepare the school for communication on campus and around the halls. Here are our top recommended signage for schools to get ready to open this fall.

1.  Posters

Positivity and motivational signs help to keep students informed and eager to learn by creating an inviting atmosphere. Not only should such posters be displayed in the classroom but also in the halls. Customize posters with your school’s slogan, mascot and colors to help bring the school’s atmosphere to life.

2. Banners

We always recommend a “Welcome Back” banner to get students excited for the prospect of the new year. After a very long summer and most of last year away they will be eager to get back into the classroom and be surrounded by teachers and friends. Show them how thrilled you are to have them back with customized banners that can also highlight upcoming school events like parent fundraisers, athletic events, student social events and of course, graduation! It will be here faster than you think.

3. Assignment Books

With students coming back to school and the need to be organized, we highly recommended school assignment books to help them stay on top of their work. We can create customized books that align with the schools branding that kids and teens of all grades are sure to love.

4. COVID Signage

Most students are aware of the new normal to keep their masks on and stay six feet apart as COVID isn’t completely gone yet. Help keep them informed with signs and floor graphics to make sure protocols are clear and in place. In addition, other signs to highlight regulations can also be available.

As we all prepare for school to begin next month it’s important to secure your signage needs around and on campus. At Image Cube, our team of experts are delighted to help make the smooth transition back to the classroom a little easier. Feel free to connect and learn more for how we can help today!