COVID-19 and the Effect on Direct Mail Marketing and USPS

COVID-19 and the Effect on Direct Mail Marketing and USPS

As businesses start to reopen, one essential business we don’t hear much about in the media is our friends at the United States Postal Service. For as long as many of us can remember we rely on our mail being delivered six days out of the week. Many of us look forward to postcards from friends or family, special offers, but never those pesky bills. Like so many businesses, the USPS has been greatly affected by Covid-19, therefore so has direct mail marketing.

The Drop in Direct Mail and USPS

At Image Cube, we have seen first hand the drop in direct mail marketing. With many businesses still closed and events canceled, not knowing when they will open back up, there is less of a need to send promotional mailers. The USPS was already in financial turmoil before the Coronavirus hit the United States with so many businesses and customers adapting to digital media through email and the internet. However, during these past several weeks our mail carriers have been powering through to help bring mail to Americans across the country. The USPS is maintaining facilities and personnel based on CDC guidelines to ensure the health and safety of their employees and the community they come in contact with each day. To learn more about their protocol and new guidelines read their media statement that was posted in late April.

Coronavirus Effect on Direct Mail

Businesses that focus on the end consumer can still take advantage of the assistance that direct mail brings to their consumers. Direct mail brings many benefits and is one marketing strategy that should not be overlooked. Yes, people are becoming more aware of their health and cautious about opening mail so as to not become infected. However, people still love mail and direct mail is not dead. With so many Americans still practicing social distancing and staying at home, they are looking forward to receiving mail and special offers from their favorite brands and companies.

As our country continues to reopen to get everyone back to work and our economy moving again, we are here to serve and help with relevant marketing campaigns, including direct mail, while following all guidelines put in place by the CDC. Learn more about how Image Cube is adapting and handling our services during the pandemic. If you’re ready to have the second half of 2020 be your best ever and are in need of direct mail, print, or fulfillment, connect with our team of experts to get started. We are ready to help your business reopen while maintaining guidelines and requirements due to the Coronavirus.