Pros and Cons for Mail-In Voting in the Presidential Election

Pros and Cons for Mail-In Voting in the Presidential Election

We are just under four months away until Americans vote to decide who the President will be in the 2020 election. However, as cases continue to spike for COVID-19 certain politicians are pushing for voting by mail. But is this a good decision or can it change the course of the Presidential election? We break down the pros and cons of voting by mail and how it can affect the election in choosing the next President of the United States.

Pros of Voting By Mail

Already In Use

Currently, five states conduct elections entirely by mail: Colorado, Hawaii, Oregon, Washington, and Utah. In addition, 21 more states (including swing states) already have a mail-in ballot option by request.

Increase Voter Turnout

Voting by mail can increase voter turnout. This was shown when Oregon implemented vote by mail with turnout increasing by 10%, conducted by American Politics Quarterly.

Cost Effective

Voting by mail is cheaper. Without traditional polling places, there is no need to staff poll workers and equip them with voting machines. Oregon claims a savings of 30% by transitioning away from polling places.


Voting by mail is safer based on the current situation of COVID-19. There would likely be less of a turnout if voting in person is a requirement as opposed to by mail.

Cons of Voting By Mail

Risk of Fraud

Voting by mail can increase the risk of fraud. The opportunities of voter impersonation and coercion are much greater because there is no one to confirm that you are the one casting your ballot since it takes place outside of the public eye. According to the National Conference of State Legislatures, coercion by family members, employers, union leaders, religious leaders, or others might occur.


Voter registration is highly inaccurate as some registered voters are deceased, have moved, or may have become ineligible to vote.

Lower Turnout

In the long run, the mail-in option doesn’t actually increase voter turnout. When Oregon first implemented the mail-in voting the turnout did rise due to the novelty but subsequently dropped after it wore off and reverted back to previous levels.

Expensive Setup

It’s actually expensive to set up the vote by mail system. States will need up-to-date addresses, tracking systems, printing costs, and verification methods. Implementing these changes in all states would be extremely difficult to complete all before November.

Only time will tell as we count down the days till we cast our ballot. Regardless of how states decide to proceed with the voting process this year, the fact remains that the most important matter is to register to vote and vote! It is part of our duty as citizens to have our voices heard! At Image Cube, we love direct mail and are always here to help our clients reach their customers right in their mailbox. If you’re looking to start, or even grow, direct mail marketing for your business then connect with our team of experts to get started today!