Direct Mail Plays Major Role in the 2020 Elections

Direct Mail Plays Major Role in the 2020 Elections

We thought this day would never come, the day after voting for the 2020 elections. Whether your candidate won the presidency or not, it’s no secret that the United States Postal Service played a major role in this year’s election due to the Coronavirus. Thanks to the USPS many were able to vote safely through absentee and mail in ballots. Additionally, candidates utilized direct mail to get their messages to the public safely. Here are some key mail statistics that we found impressive from the 2020 election.

Key Mail Statistics from the 2020 Election

While mail in voting played a pivotal role for the 2020 elections, candidates also took it to the mailboxes for safety reasons to help slow the spread of COVID-19. Data showed that 12 days before the election in total, 523 million pieces of election mail had entered the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) network, up 162% over the 2016 election. At the end of October the Postal Service delivered more than 100 million ballots for mail in voting across the United States. Voting by mail was about four times more popular in 2020 than it was during the entire 2016 U.S. general election cycle. Many Americans who were worried about catching the Coronavirus opted to mail in their vote for the 2020 elections. According to an article from AdWeek, between Sept. 4 and Oct. 7, 2020, USPS mailed 117% more election mail than it did in the 2016 general election cycle. Also during that time frame in 2020, USPS sent 64 million ballots to and from voters.

This election has been one of the biggest in years with more Americans voting than ever before. Direct mail has become more relevant than any other election and is still a viable form of communication. Having the freedom to vote for our nation’s leaders safely from our homes could not have been possible online. Mail in and absentee voting was the safest way to vote in this year’s election and has proven to be beneficial.

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