Choosing Brand Colors that Strengthen Your Business

Choosing Brand Colors that Strengthen Your Business

You know the saying, “life is like a rainbow”? Well, that couldn’t be more true when it comes to choosing colors for your brand. First impressions are key when reaching potential customers and using the right hues can help set the tone for how consumers view your business. The impact of color will help ensure your brand’s success. Recent studies have proven that 85% of potential customers claim that color is the biggest motivator when choosing whether or not to buy a product.

Color is powerful and helps to spark emotion. For example, the color blue can help ensure comfort, trust and stability, whereas red can encourage rapid and impulsive decision making. This is why we see so many sale signs in red to encourage consumers to buy now. The first thing people notice is color, it attracts their attention and causes people to stop and pay attention if it’s pleasing to the eye by causing a reaction. Therefore, it’s important that your brand’s colors are designed to evoke emotions that maximize its success.

Brand Color Wheel


Red is known as an emotional and intense color as it can stimulate the feeling of passion and excitement. This can create a sense of urgency and impulse for people. It’s great to utilize when encouraging sales for potential buyers.


Blue is the color of the sky and ocean and can bring a nice, calming feeling. The color blue brings serenity and helps relate to cleanliness and health. Many health companies are centered around blue to ensure safety and trust for their patients.


When people see green it can help them think of nature and mother earth. Green symbolizes life, growth and safety. The color green has a warming effect to create a cheerful nature (pun intended). People also relate green to money and wealth, which is ideal for financial companies.


Yellow is bright like the sun and brings a happy and positive feeling. The bright color is strong for catching people’s attention and is a joy for children’s products or leisure companies like travel.


The combination of red and yellow to create orange brings together creativity and is less aggressive than red. With orange being a very visible color, it helps to attract to areas of design and is powerful for promoting products in relation to concentration and happiness.


The powerful color purple does just, evokes power. It also conveys luxury as it is often associated with wealth and influence. Light purple is a great color to highlight women’s products as it is a favoring color among the target audience.


Black is a strong, dominating color that can relate to mystery and death. It is also an elite and prestigious color related to formality. The color black can be used in a minimalistic way while also being bold. It is a great color to use in the background to make the brighter colors stand out.


The color white relates to purity and cleanliness as it is a direct contrast to black. It also depicts faith and perfection being seen as a wholesome color. White can be used to bring simplicity or promote goodness.

At Image Cube we have been helping brands since 2004 represent themselves through colorful print solutions. We know how to ensure your potential customers see your brand to build that connection. If your business needs to start or broaden your message with the power of color then we encourage you to connect with our team of experts to get started today.

Logo color wheel
Image source: Canva