Does Print Still Matter in the Digital World?

Does Print Still Matter in the Digital World?

It’s no secret that most businesses focus on digital marketing in a heavily digital world. But there is still much-needed room for print marketing as it can offer something digital cannot. Yes, digital may be fast, accurate, and cost-effective, but it can also be impersonal, forgettable, and intangible. Plus, it can easily get lost in the clutter of the internet. With print, you are able to create a deeper connection with your target audience by creating something trustworthy, memorable, and tangible.

4 Reasons Why Print Wins


Print continues to evolve

The common myth that print is dead is just that, a myth. Print is growing every year with the help of technology. On the plus side, advancements in printing methods, like variable data printing, have helped customized printing and lowered costs. Without modern printing, your business could be missing on a key part of your overall marketing strategy.

Print media evokes emotions

Print conveys and creates a different feeling and connection in a way that digital cannot. It taps into a special emotion with the consumer’s touch memory (aka haptic memory). This memory is proven to be the most lasting form of emotional connection. To help build trust, the aesthetics of print marketing provide a more customized, personal feel. Recent studies have also shown that potential customers are far more likely to trust your company when your marketing is presented via high-quality print. Gaining trust is key to building a long-lasting relationship with your customers.

Print marketing helps your brain

In fact, print marketing offers special advantages in connecting with our brains. A study by neuromarketing firm trueImpact, concluded that direct mail print was far easier to process cognitively and tested better when it came to brand recall. According to the report, based on conventional questionnaires, combined with eye-tracking and high-resolution EEG brain wave measurement, stated that “Direct mail requires 21% less cognitive effort to process than digital media, suggesting that it is both easier to understand and more memorable.”

Print marketing is most effective on the ground

You can reach your target audience more quickly with print media such as posters and leaflets. It is especially effective for small businesses with a local reach. Reaching people on the streets and targeting specific demographics, print is a must.

At Image Cube, we specialize in print marketing through a variety of marketing materials – from traditional to branded merchandise. If you’re looking to grow your business with print media then connect with our team of experts to get started today!