5 Advantages of Using Branded Online Print Portals

When it comes to running a franchise or multi-location business, print marketing is a major necessity to help communicate your services or products. Having an online print portal for multiple locations and franchisees makes it easy to streamline your print marketing needs. If you’re not taking advantage of online print portals you should be and here’s why.

1. Productivity

Using a web-to-print portal helps make your business run more efficient by streamlining the print ordering process that saves time. At Image Cube, we handle large orders on a regular basis, ensuring that your order will be prepared and delivered in a timely manner, no matter the size. The franchisee owner can also check the design and layout of each order piece with our proofing process.

2. Brand Compliance

Keeping your brand uniformed is always a top priority with Image Cube. By adhering to your brand styles – colors, fonts and designs – it will help save your business headache by keeping consistency in your brand guidelines and avoid any misrepresentation.

3. Leverage Your Spend

A major benefit of using our online portals is that those ordering take advantage of customized pricing structure. Based on the size of the franchise and print volume, we offer cost savings – and we pass those savings on to your franchisees or locations. This makes for a win-win situation for everyone.

4. Online Monitoring

With our online portal, franchisors and franchisees can monitor everything with their order. You can track orders by date range, product, item, locations or in-process orders. You will be notified once items are complete and have been shipped to your locations. The corporate portal dashboard also allows for corporate admins to generate sales reports for review.

5. Easy of Use

The great thing about our online portals is that they are easy to use. We make it simple to place orders, keep an eye on franchisees’ orders, and prepare products for printing all in one place

At Image Cube, we are proud to offer dedicated, custom online ordering portals for franchise brands and multi-location businesses to streamline their printing needs. Connect with one of our franchise brand experts to learn more and get started today!