Union Printing for the Political Season

Union Printing for the Political Season

The political season is fully upon us and at Image Cube, we have been busier than ever supporting candidates through our quality printing and direct mail services. As a CWA Union Printshop, we are proud to work with mainly progressive, democrat and independent campaigns to support their initiatives.

Support Union Printing

You may be wondering what the CWA Union is or why choosing Union Printing is important. Let’s break it down. Union printing means that the printer (that’s us!) is part of a union that pays its employees higher wages and better benefits. As a union printer, we add a small label on our products called a union bug indicating that the product was printed at a union print shop.

Candidates often pick union printing to show their support of the labor movement and that they are backing unions. Democrats running make sure that all their items from yard signs, flyers, business cards and more have a union bug on them. If you want to express solidarity with working women and men of your district, pick union printing.

At Image Cube, we are proud to be members of the Communications Workers of America and produce union-made in America products. As a union print shop, we play a critical role in helping maintain a better quality of life for our employees and their families. For our team, we value hard work, dedication, and detailed craftsmanship which results in consistent, high-quality products in every campaign we tackle. Connect with our team to learn more and get started today. We appreciate your support with union printing!



Watch this video, prepared by our friends at Blue State Consulting discussing union printing.