Trade Show Season Goes Virtual

Trade Show Season Goes Virtual

Here we are…nearly one year later from when the Coronavirus first entered our country and changed how we do business in the printing industry. And 2021 continues with all things virtual, including the annual trade shows! As this exciting season approaches we are a little bit relieved, to be honest. We all know that production and booth costs at the shows take a nice chunk of change out of our yearly marketing budget. But with a virtual booth the cost is less. Luckily, you can still put that hard earned money to good use to promote your business at the virtual booth and beyond.

If you do decide to still participate in a virtual booth at the trade shows then you want to make sure your square on the screen makes a big impact that is sure to catch potential customers’ attention. We suggest branding your booth to highlight what you have to offer. Branded items can include a clean backdrop, rather than a boring blank wall, as well as podium banners, stick flags, mini banners, face masks, multifunctional headwear, t-shirts, and so much more! This will help the client feel like they are there as much as possible. A great way to attract customers is to also offer a promotional product like a pen, t-shirt, hat or even a mask once they inquire about more information. Plus, you will be able to follow up and send promotional mailers or emails in the future.

But wait there’s more! Utilize the attendance trade show list for ongoing conversations by sending direct mail pieces that get directly in their hands rather than another email that may go unnoticed. Also, with everything now being taken to zoom, utilize your backdrop and signage for new and ongoing business meetings. The atmosphere will help convey a strong presence that your brand has and keep you on top of mind. Have some fun and get creative, we’re sure your brand will be remembered.

If your business is looking to grab the attention of attendees at the upcoming trade shows, and are in need of our print services with quick turnaround, then we’re your partner. Reach out to our team of experts to learn more and get started today!