Top Tips to Boost Your Summer Marketing Plan

Top Tips to Boost Your Summer Marketing Plan

Summer is only 10 days away! The beach and bbq are calling our name in beautiful SoCal. But don’t think that your business is in the quiet season just because summer is about to begin. People tend to be more relaxed and casual when it comes to giving out business. Unfortunately your business doesn’t take a summer off as it’s important to use that downtime to utilize an effective marketing strategy. Check out our top summer tips for marketing ideas to help grow your business this season.

1. Blog Bonanza

Use the downtime to get creative with some blog posts ready in the pipeline for the upcoming months. These can be written, interviews, videos and more. It’s always good to have a backlog of posts ready to go. Plus blogs increase search engine traffic as your business provides fresh and valuable content that people are seeking. If you haven’t started a blog this may just be the sign you’ve been looking for to get to it.

2. Website Updates

Summer time is the perfect time to update your website with new content from your blogs, news page, portfolios, resources, and more to enhance your website SEO (search engine optimization).

3. Local Influencers

Influencers on social media, blogs, podcasts and more have a large influence with potential customers. If you can connect with those who enjoy your products, they can write guest blogs or even take over your social media for a day. You’ll be able to tap into a wider audience that can provide valuable return for your partnership.

4. Publishing Platforms

Promote your blogs even further through publishing platforms like Quora, MosaicHub, Medium or Tumblr.

5. Rebrand Branding

Review your branding to make sure everything is consistent on all platforms. Your messaging, voice, and imagery should all be cohesive. If you feel your brand is due for an upgrade then take it one step further to rebrand your business.

6. Check Out the Competition

There’s nothing wrong with seeing what your competitors are up to. Reviewing what other brands are doing within your industry can help provide insight or inspiration to better market your business.

7. Goal Getter

You are halfway through 2021. Take a look to see how far you’ve come and set goals for how you want to end the year with a bang. What do you want to accomplish by next year? What actions can you take this year to succeed in 2022?

We hope these marketing tasks inspire you to take advantage of the downtime this summer and focus on growing your business even more. If you’re in need of print, direct mail, fulfillment, promotional products, signage and more, then we’re your partners! Connect with our team of experts to learn more and get started today.