Print Media is Everywhere

Print Media is Everywhere

Most people don’t realize it but print media is all around us, every single day. Many online marketers will tell you that print media is slowly dying but we’re here to tell you that it’s more alive than ever. Even in a highly-populated digital era, print is a part of our everyday lives. Society has become so accustomed to it that we sometimes forget that print is still even there. However, print communications can give your customers all the right feels on an emotional connection so don’t count it out.

When most people hear the word ‘print’, they tend to think of paper products like newspapers, magazines, books, etc. These printing products only represent a small fraction of total print production. Everyone comes across print media in many forms throughout the day, they just don’t connect their experience with it to the term print media.

Print is Alive & All Around Us

Print has a lot more to offer than what most will think. Since people see many print items during their day they don’t think of them as print like they would the newspaper. And because they see less of these items, many think it’s a type of media that is becoming outdated. But that is far from the truth. Print is still in high demand. Here are 15 examples of print media that many see on a daily basis.

1. Business cards
2. Promotional flyers & postcards
3. Direct Mailers
4. Posters & Signs
5. Brochures, Booklets & Catalogs
6. Restaurant Menus
7. Outdoor Signage like Yard Signs, Banners & Billboards
8. Vehicle Wraps, Lettering and Magnets
9. Retail POP Displays
10. Product Packaging
11. Labels & Stickers
12. Hang Tags for Merchandise
13. Wall Graphics
14. T-Shirts, Hats & Apparel
15. Promotional Products & Giveaways

Now you can expand your mind as print media doesn’t just exist on paper, but is all around us. Learn how our print marketing services can help market your brand and connect with us to get started today!