For the Love of Paper

For the Love of Paper

“It is… a message. It is an inspiration, it is… a source of beauty. And without paper, it could not have happened… Unless, you had a camera.” – Michael Scott


If you just got our reference from The Office, then we can definitely be friends. But in all seriousness, at Image Cube, we have a love for paper. It’s the foundation of what we do in helping our clients grow their businesses. So, in honor of Valentine’s Day this coming Sunday (you’re welcome if we just reminded you to get flowers and candy for your loved one) we’re sharing our love of paper with some fun facts and busted myths.

Fun Fact #1 – Paper Loves Trees

Wait…what!? Yep, it’s true! U.S forests, which provide wood for making paper, have been growing by over 1,200 NFL football fields every day! The paper industry depends on and promotes sustainable forest management to provide a reliable supply of wood fiber, the key raw material for its products. Well-managed forests result in important benefits for society, such as livelihoods, ecosystem services and biodiversity. Continuing demand for paper and other wood products is an indispensable economic incentive for maintaining healthy, forested lands rather than converting them to non-forest uses.

Fun Fact #2 – The Revolution of Paper

Did you know that 66% of paper and paper-based packaging is recycled into new products in the United States and 70% is recycled in Canada? Paper recycling extends the life of renewable wood fiber, keeps waste out of landfills and avoids greenhouse gas emissions that result when paper products are landfilled. The U.S. paper industry continues to drive toward a recycling rate that exceeds 70%.

Fun Fact #3 – Paper Power

65% of the energy demanded in the U.S. pulp, paper and paper-based packaging mills is met with renewable biomass energy. Paper is fundamental to a circular economy because it is made with wood fibers which are renewable, recyclable and sustainable. The U.S. forest products industry is the nation’s leading producer and user of renewable, carbon-neutral biomass energy. This bioenergy is generated by burning manufacturing residuals from trees grown to produce paper and wood products.

So as you can see, there’s more to paper than meets the eye. We hope these fun facts were insightful and that we may have taught you a thing or two. Be sure to check out our main resource Love Paper to learn more. And if you’re in the need to up your print marketing game with some paper love then we’re here to help. Connect with our team of experts to get started today!