Comprehensive Print Solutions Solves Franchise Marketing Challenges

Comprehensive Print Solutions Solves Franchise Marketing Challenges


With 600+ stores around the country, Tire Pros faced numerous challenges when it came to keeping their marketing strategy streamlined and consistent across all locations. It previously used multiple vendors for projects such as showroom displays, outdoor banners/signs, and marketing print collaterals, which led to branding guidelines not being followed. As a result, branding inconsistency became an issue. Using different vendors also proved less cost-efficient for Tire Pros since they were not able to take advantage of negotiated rates that occur when placing bulk orders.


With the help of Image Cube, Tire Pros was able to ensure complete brand compliance across all its locations. We made sure to maintain and enforce official brand guidelines when it came to image quality, trademark colors, and overall styles. We offered Tire Pros the option to print on different formats for items such as business cards, flyers, posters, banners, and promotional products. This further kept the colors and quality, and thus the overall brand, consistent. We also provided extensive solutions for various types of printing needs: promotional products; signs, banners, and POP; marketing collateral; apparel; and direct mail. Where the Tire Pros corporate team fell short, Image Cube stepped up and built a customized, easy-to-use ordering platform ( for franchisee dealers to order prints without hassle. We helped inventory items ordered by Tire Pros in bulk at reduced costs and sold them at a lower price on this website. Throughout the year, we produced, packaged, and shipped all orders from Tire Pros Corporation to each of the 600+ unique locations via UPS.


When Image Cube became the approved vendor hired by Tire Pros corporate for all their print marketing efforts, processes were streamlined, brand compliance was met on all projects, and time and money were saved. All 600+ Tire Pros locations now have access to our quick platform to order all their printed materials at their convenience. When ordering with Image Cube, thanks to negotiated rates by Tire Pros Corporation, Tire Pros franchisee dealers saved an average of 31% on their printing and marketing collateral. This move leveraged Tire Pros corporation’s overall annual spending and kept quality control on all projects. What’s more, Image Cube suggested new products as soon as they were available to help grow TP’s branding efforts and keep all locations ahead of the competition.



At Image Cube, we are proud to provide comprehensive brand printing & solutions to the franchise community. We offer print, signage/POP, promo products, marketing collateral, creative services, fulfillment and online stores. If you are looking for ways to deliver marketing solutions to your franchisees, maintain brand compliance, streamline operations and leverage your spend, connect with our team of experts to get started today!