Bring on Full Color for Print

Bring on the Full Color for Print

Can you imagine what the world would look like without color? (Sigh for the poor puppies). But seriously, imagine if all the flowers were the same color grey or the beautiful blue sky was just a bland of off white. Color brings everything around us to life. So why would you want to deprive your customers by not using color within your marketing materials? When it comes to your business using a powerful array of colors can make all the difference with your product or offer.

Color Brings Life

We understand how changing your marketing products by stepping outside of your comfort zone can be a bit unnerving. After all, your business is your baby and that’s why we treat all of our client’s printing and marketing needs as if we are the grandparents. Most brands will stick with their brand color tones of about three to four hues and utilize grey and black when it comes to the copy. But what if you shake things up and throw in some more color to bring new light to your brand? In fact, printing with appealing colors increases attention span and recall by 82 percent and can make your message more memorable by 39 percent.

Color Printing Is Not As Expensive As You Think

Now we know what you’re thinking. Isn’t printing in color more costly? Yes, color printing will cost a bit more when compared to simple one or two-color printing. However, the benefits far outweigh the extra minimal cost in the long run. When printing in color you are able to draw the eye of the consumer to the information that you want them to know the most. This could include a special offer popping in green or a supportive statistic showcased in bold red. Studies have shown that 54 percent of people are more likely to read a document and marketing piece if it is shown in coloration. If you had two promotional postcards in front of you with one in plain black and white and the other in an arrangement of well-laid-out color tones, which would you look at first? Of course, the answer is in color! Plus, people will comprehend it more when printed in color. It’s simply how the human brain works.

Go for the Rainbow

With so many great benefits of using color, it’s a wonder why brands stray away from it in the first place. Are you looking to make a vibrant splash with your print and marketing materials to attract a wider audience? Connect with your friends at Image Cube and get started today to show your consumers the colorful side of what you have to offer.