6 Great Fonts for Your Brochures

6 Great Fonts for Your Brochures

Believe it or not, some people still prefer to learn about a brand and its services through a marketing piece that they can hold in their hands. A brochure is a perfect route to go and should be included within every marketing plan. Having a brochure is an ideal way to provide tangible information for a potential client or customer.

The Attention Is In The Details

When designing a brochure it’s very important to have an idea of the information you want to provide, the layout to showcase your offerings and the design needed to create the end result. A big part of the details is the fonts that will be used. You want to make sure that your font choices are still on brand and easy for the customer to decipher and understand. Here are six of the basic font classifications.

1. Serif- classic, traditional and trustworthy
2. Sans-serif – modern, minimal and clean
3. Slab serif – bold, quirky and confident
4. Script – elegant and unique
5. Handwritten – informal and artistic
6. Decorative – stylized, distinctive and dramatic

When it comes to your Heading within a brochure be sure that the font represents the style of the brand and coincides nicely with the brand logo. This is where you can have some fun and use playful styles that align within the Script, Handwritten or Decorative style. Some of these font styles include Petit Formal Script, Amatic SC and Fredericka The Great.

As you go into detail providing an overview of your services, history, contact information, etc., it’s best to use a more classic font style that falls within Serif, Sans-serif or Slab-serif. Since the consumer will be reading in more detail you want to make sure that the font is legible and easy to digest. Some recommended font styles within these categories also include Baskerville, Roboto and Times.

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